Creative Telcom’s Inbound Services are highly flexible, low-cost Inbound numbers that make a convenient and cost-effective way for your customers to call you and at the same time can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Enhance your image as a professional business by allowing your customers to call you from their mobiles, nationally, or even from overseas.

Ensure your customers can contact your business easily. No matter where they are, or where you are, your customers can call you either free of charge or for the cost of a local call*.

Plus, if you already have a 1300, 13 or 1800 number with another carrier, you can switch to Creative Telcom .

13 Numbers
A premium service, where you can promote a short, easy-to-remember six digit number that allows your customers to call you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call*.

1300 Numbers
A ten-digit number that lets customers call you from a fixed line anywhere in Australia at the cost of a local call*. It provides the same functionality as the 13 service, but without premium rental fees.

1800 Numbers
A ten-digit number that allows your customers to call you free of charge*, from a fixed line anywhere in Australia .

Benefits and Features

Encourage your customers to call
Inbound Services makes it easy and low cost for your customers to keep in touch – your customer calls you toll-free or for the cost of a local call*. This not only ensures you keep in touch with your customers, it also improves your professional image.

Improve customer intimacy and build customer loyalty
Each call can be routed to the most appropriate location, no matter where it is, enabling you to deliver an efficient and personalised service.

Building your Brand

Turn your phone number into a word that’s easy to remember, providing you with an additional powerful marketing tool for your brand eg. 1300 TELCOM, 13 BEDS, 1800 MOVERS.


Join Creative Telcom Inbound Service and enjoy:

  • Increase customer recognition of your business with a simple six digit number you can promote nationally
  • Extend business hours by sending calls to offices with different trading times or other states
  • Increased customer service by offering a single contact number Australia wide
  • Keep the same number even if you move your office around the corner or interstate
  • Helps increase your market reach without having to set up a local office by promoting your number nationally
  • Motivate customers to call you by offering a free call with a 1800 service and give your business an edge over the competition
  • Enhance your professional image by offering customers a free call
  • Expand your market penetration with a 13 or 1300 by offering your customers to call your business from anywhere in Australia , for the cost of a local call*.
  • Discover new International markets with a 1800 International Free Calls Service allowing your customers to call you from around the world at no cost to them.
  • Never miss a call with an Inbound Voicemail with a personal answering service for when your business phone is busy, unattended or after hours.
  • Increase your operating hours with Time Dependant Routing and direct incoming calls to other numbers to suit you, e.g. your office during the day, your mobile after hours and Voicemail for all other times.
  • Manage your costs with Call Barring and bar callers from the same area as the destination of your number, to avoid paying for timed local calls.

(Note: *excludes mobiles)

Need to talk to us? Call Creative Telcom on 1300 TELCOM (1300 835 266) or email and one of our Account Managers will contact you .

To Join Creative Telcom - complete the Inbound Application, and fax to 1300 781 476 or post to PO Box 343 Leichhardt NSW 2040.