Creative Communities is designed to enable additional funds to be raised to support your organisation in achieving their goals. The benefit of partnering with Creative Telcom is that your valued supporters will benefit by saving time & money and also be able to contribute further to your organisation without any extra burden.

Creative Telcom creates the possibility for anyone associated with your organisation to ‘Invest in the Future’ of your organisation and community and at the same time each customer will individually benefit from Creative Telcom. Our aim is to save our customers time and money by providing them with focused customer service and creative thinking which will enable us to deliver a solution that meets their needs.

Creative Communities has some truly outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Extra funding for special programs
  • Special phone and internet rates for your organisation and its supporters
  • Creating additional funding without increasing the burden on your supporters
  • Increase your fundraising and contribute even more to the growth of your organisation and community
  • Join Creative Telcom for all your telephone, mobile and internet services
  • Switching your existing mobile, internet or telephone service to Creative Telcom is EASY and FREE
  • Available across Australia
  • Keep your current phone numbers, there’s no need to change
  • All your services on one bill
  • Save your supporters up to 40% each month